Patriot Evolution III

Designed initially for companies specialising in corporate entertainment, whose programmes include motor sport and team building events, Patriot introduced new dimensions of excitement and success to those activities.

A dynamically styled vehicle capable of carrying two adults in comfort and safety over almost any terrain, Patriot can do everything you’d expect from an off-road vehicle, and a great deal more.

Taking on all the day’s challenges in it’s stride, maybe surveying or reconnaissance aided by in-helmet communications or Sat/Nav, Patriot gets the job done! Fast and rewarding in every sense!

Bringing prestige to every event, Patriot raises standards higher. Combining durability with safety and practicality, sheer elegance with power and performance, it provides a driving experience which is nothing short of totally exhilarating.

One of Patriot’s many innovative features is its transferable steering system. Allowing the two occupants to change from being passenger to driver in a matter of seconds, without leaving their seats. This shared experience capability makes a significant contribution to the success of the team building aspects of any corporate event programme.

Family Fun Days, and much, much more…
Patriot can provide endless enjoyment for either one or two people, anywhere – on a family activity day out; or on a large private estate.. It’s fully automatic transmission makes it so easy to drive, a 10 year old can handle it with confidence! A reduced performance can be preset if required, and Patriot can be fitted with an optional remote control system, to stop the engine.


Product Description

Styling & Quality
Dynamic styling gives Patriot great presence, at once exciting and inviting. The multi-layer glass re-inforced plastic body work has a high gloss double-gel coat, giving a brilliant finish. Strong enough to handle considerable punishment, Patriot will keep its stunning looks for years!

Safety and Comfort
The spaceframe chassis has been designed and constructed to withstand all the rigours of off-road driving and, of course, to provide the maximum protection possible for its occupants at all times. Built predominately from 38mrn round and square steel tubing, the central feature is an immensely strong roll-over cage.The entire spaceframe is fully braced and gusseted at all strategic points.

Driver and passenger are each held securely in comfortable, competition seats with a four-strap racing harness. Additionally Patriot is equipped with quick release wrist restraints for maximum safety at all times. Entry and exit from the cockpit is simplified with well-placed grab rails, and marine quality anti-slip mats are bonded into the floor sections. Front and rear bumpers, side mirrors and spotlights are all standard fitments.

Transferable Steering
Using this innovative feature is simplicity itself. Just release the central boss and swing the steering wheel over to the other side. Takes two seconds! For safety, a dedicated system ensures that only the vehicle’s acceleration and speed whereas both driver and passenger have direct access to the powerful braking system.

Quality Assurance
Beneath this elegance, the highest engineering standards have been achieved. Only the best quality materials have been specified, with great care taken over each step of in-house production. From the fabrication and welding processes, right through to the assembly of the vehicles, build-quality is our watchword.

Every component is either plated or nylon coated to provide a long-lasting and attractive finish and each machine passes a thorough inspection, before finally being ‘signed-off’.

In Pursuit of Excellence!

With our on-going policy of product enhancement, constantly seeking improvements in design and materials, Pacer off-road vehicles have remained the acknowledged market leaders since 1990.

The significant advancements with Evolution III are centred upon the renowned and powerful Kohler Command V-twin. This top-quality, long life engine looks and sounds superb – the very heart of Patriot!

This extra power led to the development of an outstanding and innovative transaxle. Compact, tough and perfect for the job, it ensures maximum traction at all times, whatever the terrain. In keeping with Patriot’s all-round increased performance the new front suspension design incorporates a more powerful braking system.

A visible additional benefit arising from the Evolution III programme is that maintenance of the engine / transmission / transaxle assembly is notably simple and accessible.

Patriot has spent months pounding around our test tracks, flying over jumps both off-road and on hard surfaces, taking the extremes of UK weather in its stride until complete satisfaction with every detail was achieved.
The result – increased integrity, focus and appeal. Simply better than ever before!

For the technically minded

ENGINE – Kohler Command 725cc. OHV 4-stroke V-twin developing 40 lb/ft torque. The USA’s environmental leader, it incorporates power-bore cylinders; hydraulic valve lifters; smart choke carburettor; integral oil cooler; electronic ignition. Delivering abundant smooth power throughout its range, an integrated Power Control unit allows partial throttle openings to be pre-set if required.

TRANSMISSION – Comet automatic torque converter. Recognised world-wide as the standard setter, it incorporates forced air cooling within its fully enclosed and easily accessible GRP casing. Load and speed sensitive, it keeps the engine at ideal rpm for optimum performance.

TRANSAXLE – A meticulously designed unit engineered specifically for Patriot. Embodies a torque-biasing differential, driving the rear axles through automotive constant-velocity joints. A Brembo racing caliper acting on a brake disc mounted on the input shaft, provides extremely powerful braking.

REAR SUSPENSION – Double wishbones carrying high strength steel uprights, in turn containing automotive hubs and CVJs linking with the transaxle driveshafts. Gas filled adjustable shock absorbers within coil springs, ensure a comfortable ride over the roughest terrain. Wide ATV tyres provide outstanding traction.

FRONT SUSPENSION – All-steel Macpherson strut with lower wishbone. Incorporates 3Omm-diameter stub axles, sealed bearings and Brembo racing calipers, with heavy-duty automotive steering joints throughout. Automotive shock absorbers within coil springs, together with low pressure ATV tyres, ensure responsive steering.

STEERING – The high quality racing rack and pinion steering provides silky smooth operation. With just 1.5 turns from lock to lock the driver gets excellent feed-back, perfect for handling those long power slides.

The Driving Experience

Set the Power Control unit into low position and Patriot is gentle enough for a youngster to drive, smooth enough for a cautious driver to quickly gain confidence. The steering is direct and positive, and a light dab on the brake pedal confirms you’re in full control. With its supple suspension Patriot travels effortlessly over almost any terrain, imparting a feeling of great safety. Nice for starters!

Set the PC into high position and apply full throttle. The lusty V-twin just behind you bursts into life, Patriot leaps forward and you’re away. The scenery changes fast – the ground rushes at you, past you, under you. Enjoy the acceleration, feel the wind in your face, all the time with that great sense of integrity and security.

Find a quiet, flat area. At low speed turn on full lock and apply full throttle once again. Presto! – the instant surge of power and the super transaxle unite to spin Patriot round and round at your command. Flick on opposite lock and power away in whatever direction you choose. Mighty!
Cruising along a country trail or power-sliding around a test course, Patriot responds to your every wish. Over rough ground, across boggy areas, up and down hills or sand dunes, its go-anywhere capability gives you a sense of freedom which is a joy in itself.

On a corporate event, too soon it seems it’s time to stop and pass over the  controls to your passenger – your team mate. Now for the other half of the shared experience!