Panther Kart

The Panther Kart has been designed for the commercial children’s entertainment market. It is an electric Kart which is suitable for ages 3-11.

The Panther is the newest electric kart in the Pacer range.

Business PackageFeaturesTechnical Specification

4 x Electric Panther Karts
8 x Battery Packs
4 x Battery Chargers
1 x Inflatable Circuit
(inc 10 sand bags, straps & pegs)
1 x Electric Blower for circuit
1 x Operators Manual
1 x 12 month Test Certificate

  1. Lap Strap
  2. Space Frame Chassis
  3. Front Rubber Impact Mounts
  4. Polypropylene
  5. Easy Change Battery Module
  6. Pneumatic Tyres
  7. Rear Motor Cover (with imitation exhaust pipes)
  8. Reverse Override Switch
  9. Imitation Rear Lights
  10. Integral Rear Bumper and Side Guards
  11. Togggle Switch (emergency stop)
  12. Illuminating Forward / Reverse Switch
  13. Accelerator / Decelerator Pedal
  14. Side Step
  15. Adjustable Padded Seat

Motor Twin 180 Watt
Power 24 volt battery
Charger 24 volt 5 amp
Speed 1 mph to 6mph
Colour Black as standard
Length 1300mm
Width 960mm
Height 495mm
Panther Weight 60kg
Battery Weight 20kg
Front 11 x 400 x 5
Rear 13 x 650 x 6
Rear Regenerative
Front / Side Polypropylene
Rear Steel Tube
Like all Pacer vehicles, the Panther carries the CE mark of quality and approval for its intended use.
Product Description

Styling & Quality
Dynamic styling gives Panther great presence, the stylish moulded bodywork is manufactured to the highst standards and Panther will keep its stunning looks for years!

Only the best quality materials have been specified, nylon powder coated chassis for long life protection, with great care taken over each step of in-house production. From the fabrication and welding processes, right through to the assembly of the Panther, build-quality is our watchword.

Safety and Comfort
Children find Panther very easy to drive, both forwards and in reverse, with its light, accurate steering and very smooth controls, which provide endless pleasure for boys and girls.

Panther karts are fitted with remote cut-outs as standard, with a push of the “START” button all children have their driving experiance started and by pushing the “STOP” button all Panthers will come to a safe stop.

The cushioned seat is adjustable to provide comfort and security for both younger and older children alike. Panther has wrap around front, side and rear bumpers, a very low centre of gravity and powerful regenerative braking.

A Panther business can be operated on a full or part time basis, is fully mobile or can also be run on a permanent site. Panther can be operated indoors as well as outdoors and on many surfaces including grass and tarmac, come rain or shine. Wide pneumatic tyres gives Panther karts sure-footed handling with plenty of grip on slopes and loose surfaces and cause no damage to even the most well manicured lawn or markings on any leisure or shopping centre floors.

Panther karts are ideal for use at: birthday parites, summer camps, shopping centres, fetes, fairs, holiday camps, leisure centres, school playgrands, sports grounds and corporate functions to name just a few.

Because Panther is electric, there is virtually no noise and no pollution.

Inflatable Circuits

The Panther package includes an inflatable circuit.

The circuit is suitable for deployment in a wide range of venues including:

Indoor Venues

  • Leisure Centres
  • Shopping Centres
  • Village Halls
  • Marquees and Pavilions
  • Arcades and Piers
  • Karting Centres
Amusement and Theme Parks

  • County Shows
  • Fetes and Fairs
  • Activity Holidays
  • Car Boot Sales
  • Municipal Parks
  • Caravan Sites
Outdoor Venues

  • School Playgrounds
  • Superstore Car Parks
  • Garden Centres
  • Sports Grounds
  • Shopping Precincts
  • Tennis Courts